Rebecca BowenChapter: New Hampshire-Vermont

Job title: Chief Financial Officer, Vermont Information Technology Leaders

Responsible for: Everything.

Worked here since: September 2009 with VITL. I’ve been in healthcare since 1974.

Best part of my job: The interaction I have with other leadership.

First job: Working the switchboard at the local hospital.

Most unusual job: My MHA residency was more interesting than usual but maybe not unusual. I rotated through all the hospital departments including wearing scrubs, observing surgeries, observing births, hanging out with pathologists and radiologists. It was fun.

I joined HFMA because: My supervisor invited me to do so back in 1984, when I was director of admissions.

First volunteer involvement with HFMA: when I moved to Vermont. I was at a point in my career when it mattered that I became a volunteer with HFMA.

Favorite HFMA memory: I have so many great memories. Frankly, the first is my first Dixie Institute in Myrtle Beach back in 1984. Those folks really know how to party!

Benefits of HFMA involvement: It brings instant credibility to my knowledge base.

My family: I am happily married to my attorney husband and mother to my 14 year-old daughter and 13-year old son.

Pets: None—my husband is wicked allergic.

If I’m not working, you’ll find me: In the backyard vegetable garden.

Hobby: Music.

Proudest moment: Adopting my children.

Most difficult goal achieved: Adopting my children.

Best advice received: Respect everybody, no exceptions.

Favorite quote: Carpe diem, with its counterpart—one day at a time.

Movie I’d recommend: Anything by John Harrison.

Hero: Johnny Cash.

People might be surprised to know that: People that know me aren’t surprised by anything—my life is an open book!