Just what does a chapter have to do to earn a Shelton Award?

It’s the pinnacle of chapter performance and historically the judging committees have chosen a single winner each year. In 2012 the scoring was so close, the judges selected two winners: Florida and Maryland. What does the committee look for?

Florida 2013 SheltonTrack Your Chapter’s Performance

It’s a myth that a chapter has to score 100 on the CBSC for five years in a row. A better indicator is consistent improvement in the 5-year Chapter Performance Metrics, especially those chapters who score in the top 10 percent.

There is no application process; but chapter performance must be in the top tier to be considered.

Who decides?

The award is determined by a five-member committee appointed annually by the HFMA Chair. The committee considers all aspects of chapter performance over the past five years with a focus on education, membership, and certification and whether each chapter was able to sustain their high-performance over time. They also consider Yerger awards, chapter communications, newsletters, and websites.

Maryland 2013 SheltonKick It Up a Notch

Chapters who have won a Shelton have done so by planning continuous improvements to all the areas covered in the CBSC metrics.

Although there are still a small but lingering perception that using a Chapter Advancement Team facilitation is a sign that a chapter is not performing well, the reality is that almost every recent Shelton winner has used the services of the CAT team to help them reach the next level of service to their members.

If your chapter is interested in scheduling a CAT facilitation, completing the online application or contact Eileen Crow. Make sure you allow several months lead time.

Talk to Past Winners

You can find the list of Shelton winners in the Chapter Awards Section under More Resources on the Chapter Leaders website.

The competition is stiff, but in the end, every chapter wins because the push to improve service to our members makes the Association as a whole that much stronger!

Publication Date: Friday, June 28, 2013