Communicating with Patients About Bundled Payment: One Hospital's Experience  

Hillcrest Medical Center saw its overall surgery volume increase by more than 25 percent during the three years it participated in Medicare's Acute Care Episode (ACE) demonstration. However, the financial incentives offered to patients as part of the bundled payment initiative did not seem to drive volumes. "The incentives didn't influence patient choice," says Nancy Harrison, Ardent's ACE project director. That said, some of Hillcrest's communication efforts with patients have proved more worthwhile than others. 

The Paper(less) Route: When Patients Opt Out of Paper Billing, Everyone Wins  

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While the benefits of going paperless are numerous, providers can't arbitrarily cease mailing paper bills. For most organizations, patients must first consent to opting out of paper statements. Here are four ways to help foster the transition to paperless billing.