July 10—Electronic health record (EHR) adoption rates have seen a threefold increase since 2010; however, the number of general, acute care hospitals having a basic EHR system still hovers around 40 percent, according to a recent study published online and appearing in the July 2013 issue of Health Affairs

The study indicates that large urban hospitals are more likely to have an EHR system than rural or nonteaching hospitals. 

The study further shows that although 42.2 percent of hospitals could meet all of the federal Stage 1 meaningful use criteria, only 5.1 percent could meet the broader set of Stage 2 criteria. As with adoption rates, small and rural facilities lag behind their large and urban counterparts in this area.

Researchers suggest that the increase in overall EHR adoption points to the positive impact of the current financial incentives related to technology adoption and use. However, researchers also indicate that achieving a nationwide health information technology infrastructure may require further efforts aimed at smaller and rural hospitals.

Publication Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013