August_HFM_CoverDid you ever wonder where to find an expert on the hot topic du jour? Check out our chapter members who have shared their knowledge by writing articles for hfm magazine. Have you considered contacting them to present at a meeting, be on a panel, or write an article? In August, we published articles from the following HFMA members.

Keith D. Moore, Colorado Chapter, CEO, McManis Consulting, Denver, Katie Eyestone, Colorado Chapter, senior consultant, McManis Consulting, Denver, Dean C. Coddington, Colorado Chapter, senior consultant, McManis Consulting, Denver, "Transforming Care Delivery with Big Data"

Michael E. Nugent, CHFP, First Illinois Chapter, managing director, Navigant Consulting, Inc., Chicago, "Engaging Purchasers in Value Improvement"

Delphine Mendez de Leon, BS, MBA, MPH, RN, Metropolitan New York Chapter, managing director, Huron Healthcare, Chicago and Judy A. Klauzer Stroot, RN, BSN, MA, NEA-BC, Sunflower (Kansas) Chapter, senior director, Huron Healthcare, Chicago, "Using Nursing Resource Teams to Improve Quality of Care"

Charles Kentros, Metropolitan New York Chapter, director of reimbursement and managed care, Stony Brook Medicine University Physicians, Stony Brook, N.Y., "Using Normalized RVU Reporting to Evaluate Physician Productivity"

Lalura Ramos Hegwer, First Illinois Chapter, freelance healthcare writer, Lake Bluff, Ill., "6 Strategies for Managing Value in Uncertain Times"

John Byrnes, MD, Colorado Chapter, cheif medical officer, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, Denver, "Finding a CMO Who Can Drive Value"

Ken Perez, Northern California Chapter, healthcare policy and IT consultant, Menlo Park, Calif., "What's Next for the ACA? It Depends"

Publication Date: Thursday, August 29, 2013