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Physician Strategies

24/7/365 Options for Physician Coverage

By Nicholas Newsad, Luis A. Argueso, and Todd J. Mello

Collections guarantees or subsidies are an attractive alternative to physician employment and call-coverage compensation. 

Facility Planning

Determining the Best Way to Develop Non-Core Off-Campus Healthcare Real Estate

By Dan Cowell

Two examples illustrate when joint ventures versus leasing would be the wisest choice for non-core facility development.  

Sidebar: Steps in Analyzing Development Options for Off-Campus Real Estate

Sidebar: Pros and Cons of Real Estate Ownership

Growth Strategies

Growing Hospital-Based Radiology Services

By Scott Seidelmann

After implementing an accountable, standards-based radiology approach, Atlanta Medical Center South has seen a 42 percent increase in high-tech imaging referrals from its top 10 referring physicians. 

Web Extra

Radiology Performance Report

Monthly performance reports that show a radiology service’s performance against national benchmarks for accuracy, turnaround times, etc. can be beneficial in growing and improving a radiology service. 

Data Metrics & Analysis

Improving Revenue Yield Through Commercial Payment Assessment

By Lauree E. Handlon

A case study of a fictional hospital illustrates that even modest changes in contract terms from payers can produce large swings in revenue yield, emphasizing the importance of testing proposed contract modifications before entering any agreement. 

Market Developments

Should You Enter the New Wave of Provider-Sponsored Health Plan Development?

By Chris Myers and Kara Fleming

A few clear patterns are evident regarding the distribution, ownership, and market position of provider-sponsored health plans.   

Service Line Planning

Service Lines: To Be or Not to Be?

By Joseph J. DeSilva and Lucy Mancini Newell

Finance leaders should consider a number of questions when assessing their organizations’ portfolio of service lines. 

Web Extra

Checklist: Service Line Assessment

Given all the industry shifts, now is a good time to reassess your hospital’s portfolio of service lines.  

Capital Challenge

Note Modifications: When the Time Is Right

By Scott C. Blount

In 2012, St. Mark’s Medical Center saw an opportunity to refund its remaining debt, taking advantage of lower interest rates and loan modification opportunities. However, the hospital first needed to determine which financing approach would be the most beneficial.

The Long View

And Now for Something Completely Different

By Jeffrey C. Bauer

Survival in the coming new world of health care demands new skills and business practices.

Finance at a Glance

Survey: Hospital Accountable Care Capabilities

A recent survey found that few hospitals are currently prepared to analyze and communicate physician-specific data or manage patient populations across the continuum. 

Publication Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013