June 26: Brad Smith: Simple Truths About Variation in Care and Cost Reduction

June 20: Ferd Mitchell & Cheryl Mitchell: The ACA and Business Needs of the New Health Marketplaces

June 17: Jason Sussman: Establishing a Timeframe for Transitioning to Value-based Contracts and How to “Mind the Gap”

June 17: Brittany Hagedorn: Lean Daily Management: A Tool for Engagement and Cultural Change

June 6: John Harris and Carole Graham: Distributing Incentives

June 5: Casey Nolan: Drivers of Physician-Hospital Consolidation: How to Integrate Successfully

June 3: William A. Fera: Population Health Management: An Effective, Efficient Way to Manage Care

May 30: Ken Perez: The Affordable Care Act’s Field of Dreams

May 29: Michael Finnerty: Deciding Whether to Enter Provider-Sponsored Health Plans Requires Careful Up-Front Analysis

May 8: John Harris: Capital Planning for Emerging Revenue Models

May 1: Bill Fera and Sanjeev Wadhwa: The Power of Collective Intent

Apr. 25: Mark Polston: Part A to Part B Rebilling: Understanding the Rules in a Changing Environment

Apr. 25: Ken Perez: Common Issues with SGR Reform Proposals

Apr. 24: Dean Coddington: The Primary Care Physician Shortage May Not Be as Bad as Expected

Apr. 24: Kate Guelich and Brian Kelly: Evaluating Synergies of Potential Partnerships Ensures a Strong Alliance

Apr. 23: Aaron DeBoer and Sue Egan: Creating a Successful Coding and Documentation Program

Apr. 22: Charles Brown: Considering Partnerships with Federally Qualified Health Centers

Apr. 4: Dean Coddington: ACOs: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Apr. 2: Ken Perez: Do Hospitals Make or Lose Money on Medicare?

Apr. 2: John Harris and Idette Elizondo: Are You Ready for the New Revenue Models?

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