Today, some facilities are using imaging software to perform differential reviews previously only done by trained laboratory professionals.

Adding imaging software automation to the hematology lab can tack on $85,000 to $140,000 to the cost of a hematology analyzer. Reimbursement for the blood count (CBC) differential is fairly unchanged, and a manual differential will only reimburse a few dollars more than the automated differential test. In addition one has to consider the cost of licenses and software maintenance and upgrades. For high-volume laboratories the extra cost of automating can be recouped by requiring less trained FTE’s and increasing the output volume of results.

Although the hematology market remains steady, advances in software have led to better patient data management, automated resulting and reporting rules, and increased data storage. The largest advances have come from instruments with imaging software that allows automation of CBC, a procedure once strictly a manual process. Although many small-volume to medium-volume laboratories still employ the manual method, high-volume facilities have automated this process to increase specificity and efficiency, standardize cell differentials, or cope with a lack of trained medical technologists.

Hematology Analyzer

Low High   Average  
$9,400     $404,780     $110,116     

System Support Services
Low High Average   
$1,811     $47,020       $14,740       

Source: MD Buyline

Please note these numbers have been adjusted to exclude special deals, outliers, and unique circumstances.


Publication Date: Wednesday, December 04, 2013