The sheer magnitude of change facing health systems is discussed with a focus on insights from HFMA's Value Project. The project has identified common challenges that all healthcare providers face in the value journey; common capabilities, strategies, and tactics to help them on their way; and specific road maps to value geared to different organizational cohorts, including academic medical centers, aligned integrated systems, multihospital systems, rural hospitals, and stand-alone hospitals. 

This session will include a high-level discussion of the forces transforming health care from fee-for-service to value-based payment including:

  • The need to reduce waste resulting from fragmented care, including high utilization, duplicative or redundant services, and excess administrative costs
  • The impact of high healthcare costs on the competitiveness of U.S. businesses, taxpayer burdens, and needed investments in areas such as education and transportation
  • Heightened consumer price sensitivity resulting from increasing use of high-deductible plans

The session will also provide an overview of key value-driving capabilities in the areas of people and culture, business intelligence, performance improvement, and contract and risk management. It will conclude by addressing elements of uncertainty in the transition to value, including the efficacy of new payment and care delivery models, issues of timing and the pace of change in different markets, and the need to invest in IT and a value-focused infrastructure as revenues come under pressure.

Leader: Keith Moore is Chairman and CEO of McManis Consulting