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Cover Story

How Texas Children’s Hospital Unlocked IT Savings

By Karen Wagner

Learn how a technology- and team-driven approach enabled Texas Children’s Hospital to improve quality of care while reducing the labor costs involved in developing data-rich reports by 67 percent.

Supply Chain Management

What Clinicians Need to Know About Inventory Management

By Kenneth Scher, Amy Cretella, and Alison B. Flynn

Discover how educating clinicians about inventory management can reduce unnecessary inventory costs.

Improving Value

How Patient-Centered Productivity Measurement Reduces Costs

By Brian Channon and Kristopher Goetz

Healthcare leaders should thoroughly analyze operations from a patient-centric perspective to identify true cost drivers and opportunities to reduce those costs. Otherwise, leaders risk inadvertently sabotaging their own efforts.

Process Improvement

Intermountain Builds More Discipline into Its Capital Decision-Making Process

Learn how Intermountain Healthcare revamped its capital decision-making process and expanded the focus to expenditures over the life of the investment—a key element for long-term cost containment.

Figures at a Glance

What It Costs to Operate a Data Center

The costs of operating data centers, which use large amounts of water and electricity and require a full-time staff, can be significant. View the average annual operating costs for a typical 75-person data center in four cities.

Publication Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013