Dec. 30: Ken Perez: New Year’s Resolution: Permanently “Shedding the Weight” of the SGR

Dec 23: Divya Paliwal and Bill Fera: Population Health Management: The Cornerstone of ACOs

Dec. 20: Lyle Beasley: Are You Turning Half-Dollars into Nickels?

Dec. 12: Dan Grauman and John Harris: Transforming Primary Care  

Dec. 11: Jeffrey Helton: HIE Ho!

Dec. 10: Katie Collings Ray and Katy Reed: Independent, Yet Integrated: The Increasing Popularity of PSAs

Dec. 9: Ferd H. Mitchell and Cheryl C. Mitchell: Negotiating With Restrictive Insurance Networks

Dec. 5: Arthur Sturm: Ready Now? Leading Indicators on the Insurance Marketplaces

Dec. 2: Ken Perez: The Latest SGR Reform Proposal and an Unexpected Potential Funding Source

Nov. 26: Therese L. Wareham: Hospitals Redefining Keys to Success in a Changing Industry

Nov. 26: Junaid Husain: Third-Party Payment of QHP Premiums: A Tale of Two Opinions

Nov. 22: Input Sought on Capital Asset Impairments (GASB 42)  

Nov. 19: Stephen Thome: Evaluating Health System Acquisitions in a Population Health Environment

Nov. 19: Michael J. Alkire: For Healthier, More Satisfied Patients, Prescribe a Dose of Happiness

Nov. 8: Ferd Mitchell and Cheryl C. Mitchell: ACA Problems Offer Lessons for Hospitals

Nov. 4: Jeffrey Helton: Clearing up Grandfathering’s Fogginess

Nov. 4: Ken Perez: Reports of the Death of ACOs Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Oct. 31: John Redding: CIN Considerations

Oct. 31: John Harris: Payer Contracting: It’s Complicated

Oct. 29: Andrew Adams: Redefining What Makes a Revenue Cycle Leader

Oct. 18: Andrew Cohen, Charles Kim, and Jason O'Riordan: Anticipating the Impacts of Health Insurance Exchanges

Oct. 9: Connie Cibrone and James Stanford: How Independent Hospitals Can Develop a Fact-Based Perspective on Their Future Options

Oct. 7: William A. Fera: Innovating Through Cost Savings and Value Creation

Oct. 4: Dan Martin: Lead by Example—Sir, Yes Sir!

Oct. 4: Ferd Mitchell & Cheryl Mitchell: Hospital “Big Data” Concepts Meet Health Insurance Exchange “Big Data” Demands

Oct. 3: Dan Grauman: Merge or Sell to Manage Population Health? Not so Fast!

Oct. 2: Jeffrey Helton: Did We Get a Black Eye from Someone Else’s Fight?

Oct. 2: Benjamin C. Colton and Jason D. Meaux: ICD-10 Preparedness—Are You Ready?  

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