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Cover Story

Common Collection Problems Related to the Exchange Plans

By Lola Butcher

Revenue cycle leaders share tips for avoiding collection problems with patients who are newly insured through the public exchanges.

Web Extra

Crozer-Keystone Patient Brochure: Understanding and Managing Your Health-Care Costs

Crozer-Keystone has placed this brochure in hospitals and clinics to help newly insured patients understand the financial responsibility that comes with insurance, as well as the availability of financial assistance and charity care.

Coding Q&A

Capturing Multiple Services with the Same CPT Code

By Jennifer Swindle

It is sometimes difficult to recoup appropriate payment when the same CPT code must be used to capture multiple services.

Payment Technologies

Giving Patients More than One Way to Pay Online

By Patrick Mauer

Recently, several patient-centric approaches have emerged to complement the traditional approach to payment portals. Each of these can help increase the percentage of patient payments made online.

Strategic Planning

Priorities for Revenue Cycle Reform

By Ryan Gibson and Paul Johnson

Where should revenue cycle leaders focus their attentions in 2014? The authors recommend five areas.

Figures at a Glance

Top Reasons Claims Get Denied

An analysis of denial reason codes suggests three critical success factors for organizations that hope to reduce denials.

Publication Date: Saturday, February 01, 2014