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The Challenges: 
Improve Point-of-Service Cash Collections and Aged A/R

At Geisinger, we follow the MAP (Measure, Apply, Perform) mantra. We review our performance, look for internal trends, and compare ourselves to external benchmarks. Next, we set goals and look for answers: what are the drivers for these metrics?

For example, we want to improve POS collections, because that will also improve our bad debt percentage on the back end. There’s a direct correlation between these two metrics. So we say, let’s find the exceptions – a particular hospital, department, physician, or group practice – understand the drivers for each area, and determine an action plan. It’s different in almost every case. They may have had turnover and the training for new staff didn’t work; or it may be a new process or service area where the staff is not fully engaged.
Once we determine the drivers, we work on defining a solution.

For metrics, we’ve adopted all of the MAP Keys. In fact, I participated on the Task Force that developed them. It’s very helpful to know when we compare ourselves to other entities that they measure themselves the same way we do. We subscribe to other resources in addition to MAP App, but the people providing the data may be using different formulas. It’s more meaningful when we know our peer group is using the same standards we are.

As a MAP App user, it’s great to see our data trend over time, and see how each of Geisinger’s hospitals are performing compared to their peer group. I also find it valuable that MAP App creates this virtual community. People will say, I’ve had this issue and here’s how we addressed it. At the end of the day, many revenue cycle issues are consistent. There are some demographic variations, but we’re all after the same thing: improving performance.

The Payoff

  • Reduced Cost to Collect by 3.68% (2012-2013)
  • Reduced Aged A/R over 90 days by 13% (2012-2013)
  • Improved Registration Accuracy by 32% (2012-2013)
  • Improved Patient Collections by 8.5% (2012 -2013)
  • Six-time winner of HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle (2009-2014) 

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