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Cover Story

Enhancing Transparency Around Service Line Performance

By Lauren Phillips

CFOs at LifePoint’s 60 hospitals in 20 states no longer wrestle with cumbersome service line reports. A new cost-accounting system now provides easy access to answers about service line performance.

Web Extra

Taking a Closer Look: LifePoint’s Improved Data Model

A summarized view of financial data is important but healthcare leaders also should be able to drill down and open up the details and explore variances in every cost category. View exhibits detailing LifePoint’s improved data model.

Physician Alignment

How a Hospital Quality and Efficiency Program Can Jumpstart Your CIN or ACO

By Dennis Butts Jr. and Vivek Gursahaney

A hospital quality and efficiency program can help align physician performance to system goals and optimize cost-containment opportunities.

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Driving Results from a Hospital Quality and Efficiency Program

A hospital quality and efficiency program can deliver significant results. Gain greater insight from these exhibits.

Labor Costs

3 Overlooked Opportunities for Significant HR Savings

By Judy Thorp

Leave policies, health coverage for part-time employees, and premium pay programs represent untapped savings targets, even at high-performing health systems.


Labor Tops Reform as Expense Driver for Hospitals

Labor has surpassed healthcare legislation and mandates as the biggest driver of healthcare costs, according to Premier, Inc.’s spring 2014 Economic Outlook.

Equipment Lease Management

Saving with Smart, End-of-Term Equipment Leasing Practices

By Matt Robbins and Eric Jordahl

Unfavorable lease terms and ineffective management at the end of a lease can expose organizations to significant added costs.

Web Extra

Mobile C-Arms: Doing More with Less in the OR to Maximize Savings

Mobile C-arm systems offer the advantage of being able to accommodate an increased number of cases in a single physical setting.

Publication Date: Thursday, August 07, 2014