A successful survey all boils down to your members most recent experience with your chapter. So how do you make sure that they have all the wonderful things your chapter has done for them over the past year at the top of their minds? Remind them!

This year the Member Satisfaction Surveys will hit your members' mailboxes on or around October 21. Reminders will go out October 30 and November 6.

Now is a good time to remind your chapter members that you have listened to their past comments and to let them know what your chapter has done to address issues that members raised in past surveys. Tell them about new programs you may have initiated and enhancements your chapter has made to the member experience as a result of their comments—and don’t forget to mention improvements your leadership initiated on its own.

If you remind your members what you’ve done for them lately, and that you have taken their comments to heart, they will be more likely to share their ideas and to respond favorably to this fall’s survey.

Help for Writer's Block

If the thought of writing another email gives you a massive case of writer’s block, no worries, we have examples of chapter communications from last year's survey to help you create a message that’s just right for your chapter.

These communications use a number of techniques that we think will help encourage participation:

  • Confirm that your leadership reads the results and takes the suggestions seriously
  • Emphasize specific actions you have taken as a result of member feedback
  • Express a desire to improve your service to members (rather than your score)
  • Invite members to:
    • participate in programs
    • visit the chapter website 
    • contact leadership with concerns
    • volunteer either for the short-term or with an eye towards stepping into the leadership track

We’ve underlined language in these communications that we think is especially effective. Some messages are brief, some more detailed. Some chapters have been successful sending this message several weeks ahead of the survey and asking members to contact one of the officers if there is any reason a member couldn’t indicate that they were very or extremely satisfied with the chapter’s performance.

Note: HFMA will send two reminder messages to non-respondents after the survey has been email but before the survey closes.

And Now, in the Words of Our Chapters

Click a link to take you to each chapter's message:

Brief messages:

First Illinois Chapter
Northeastern New York Chapter
Virginia-Washington, DC Chapter

In-depth messages:

Lone Star Chapter
Wisconsin (includes social media tie-in) 

Want to see how your chapter performed on past surveys? Check out the  Chapter Member Satisfaction Survey Results page under Davis Chapter Management System (DCMS) Reports on the website. It includes detailed historical survey results and the Chapter Summary & Trends Report listing year-by-year satisfaction scores for all chapters, as well as data by geographic region, chapter size, and chapter type.

Let the surveys begin!