Chapter Planning Calendar Copies

Q:  Our chapter is looking for additional copies of the Chapter Planning Calendar and Resource Guides that were passed out at the LTC. We would like to make them available to all of our committee chairs and to the Board of Directors. Do you have additional copies?

A:  We print and bind only enough copies for the LTC participants; however, you can access a PDF copy of the entire Chapter Planning Calendar and Resource Guide on the Chapter Leaders Resources area of the website. You can also download a copy of the Word file for the calendar portion in case your chapter would like to add its own events and deadlines to the national calendar.

Insurance Certificate

Q: The facility where we are holding our seminar wants a certificate of insurance, but our chapter doesn't carry this type of insurance, can HFMA help?

A: If your chapter needs a Certificate of Insurance for an upcoming chapter meeting, we've got your back. You can find a form on the HFMA website in the Program Chair Toolkit or in the Policies and Forms Section under Planning Your Leadership Year. Look under Assistance with Programs, Certificate of Insurance for Education Events.

Complete the form and send it to Dan Johansson, HFMA's Controller via e-mail at  If possible, please provide the required information at least 30 days before you need the certificate. Dan will process your request with HFMA's insurance company. If you have a question, you can call Dan at (800) 252-4362, ext. 318.

No Outside Mail/Email on Rosters

Q: I downloaded a Chapter Roster to share with another Chapter for email distribution for our joint educational event. There is a column that says "no Outside" with 1's and 0's. What does that column mean?  What do the 0's and 1's mean?

A: Most people will see Yes or No in this column. But some web browsers could display these as 1's and 0's- if this happens 1's are yes and 0's are no. If it says Yes or 1, that record should be excluded from mail and email. You can also try opening the file in a different web browser.

Emailing Chapter Newsletters

Q: Our chapter had a lot of trouble sending a copy of our newsletter for reporting purposes. Is there an easier way to do this?

A: A lot of chapters are creating .pdf copies of their newsletters, but if the copy was created for a printed version or if you have a lot of photos in your newsletter, or both, the size of the .pdf may exceed the limitations of our mail server. There are two ways around this:

  1. Send a link. If you newsletter is posted to your website, send just the link.
  2. Reduce the file size. If you have a printer or other vendor who is providing the .pdf, ask if they can make a second copy that has been reduced for the web (this will actually help with your website storage capacity, too). Alternately, if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat (not just Acrobat Reader), open the file and look in the document tab for "Reduce File Size"-it does what just it says, reduces the file size so it's easier to email.

Publication Date: Thursday, August 30, 2012