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Honing in on Costly Variation

Variation is widely viewed as one of the main drivers of unnecessary cost. Focusing on clinical and operational departments across multiple facilities enabled one health system to more effectively pinpoint trouble spots and has led to millions of dollars in cost reductions.

4 Steps to Managing Supply Chain in Labor and Delivery

Being responsive to the supply needs of a demanding department requires determining who can manage supplies most efficiently and what tools and storage methods can offer the greatest benefits. Here, Texas Children's Hospital shares four strategies for success.

Keys to Engaging Physicians in Finance: Credibility and Trust

Physicians should understand the logic behind healthcare finance initiatives and have trust in the credibility of the data and the leaders who will guide the change.

Halvorson: Contain Costs Through Care Innovation

Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson says hospitals should focus on ways to improve care delivery and processes for patients with multiple health conditions to make a real difference in quality of care and costs.

Study Examines Variation in Knee Replacement Surgery

Administrative data on total knee replacement surgery from five health systems showed substantial variation in surgery duration, length of stay, discharge dispositions, and in-house complication rates according to a recent study.

The Bottom-Line Value of Patient Experience

Effectively engaging consumers can have a significant impact on quality of care, outcomes, satisfaction, and revenue, according to Jason A. Wolf, PhD, executive director of The Beryl Institute.

CFOs Can Be Influential in Reducing Waste and Improving Quality

Intermountain's chief quality officer shares strategies that finance leaders and other healthcare professionals can use to enhance efficiency and quality of care while cutting costs.

Study: EHRs Reduce Malpractice Claims

The use of electronic health records may reduce malpractice claims, according to a research study published in June.

Strategies for Enterprise Labor Management

Systemwide processes for managing labor costs can result in decreased overtime and agency labor, improved outcomes, and enhanced patient and employee satisfaction.

Web Extra: Tips for Improving Performance with Physician Support

Learn three strategies for engaging physicians in financial decision making.

Web Extra: Developing a Plan for Reducing Energy Costs in Hospitals 

Focusing on the ways that healthcare organizations use energy can uncover valuable strategies for reducing energy use and expense. 

Publication Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012