Gather your new recruits and sign them up for the Leadership Training Conference (LTC). And although we won't make them drop and do 50 pushups, we will build their leadership "muscle."

LTC is boot camp for your new chapter leaders. Led by HFMA staff and members of the Chapter Advancement Team, HFMA provides intensive training for presidents and president-elects, program chairs, membership chairs, newsletter chairs, and treasurers.

Sending a chapter leader to LTC is an investment chapters make in their future. We strongly recommend chapters send members who are eager to learn and participate 100 percent in all of their sessions. LTC is a great opportunity for your chapter to strengthen its succession planning by training its new volunteers, especially those who will be stepping into to one of the six leadership tracks.

Although each chapter is required to send at least two officers to LTC, HFMA allows each chapter up to seven complimentary LTC registrations. Chapters who send more than seven volunteers will be invoiced $299 per person if they decide to send more than seven.

Presidents-elect have begun to receive the monthly publication Countdown which outlines steps to help them prepare for LTC and their leadership year. Presidents-elect are the only chapter leaders who receive Countdown. To foster better communication, presidents-elect are asked to forward the information in Countdown to their leadership team.

If you have questions about LTC or Countdown, contact


Publication Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012