HFMA has joined forces with the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) to promote a series of four webinars that will provide outstanding financial education with a legal flavor for HFMA members. Special pricing and bundled pricing is available for HFMA members. Member cost is $79 for a single webinar; $120 for two; $180 for three, or $220 for four.  Members can register and find additional information on the HFMA website.

Tues., Feb. 28: Current Trends in Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations, and Affiliations

Health reform and other macro economic factors are pushing more providers to integrate both vertically and horizontally. A variety of integration vehicles are available to facilitate both physician/hospital and hospital/hospital integration. Successful organizations understand their options, have developed a strategic framework to identify high potential arrangements and use set processes to execute the integration strategy.

Thurs., March 15: Deal Killers: Navigating Compliance, Financing, and Other Obstacles

This webinar will focus on how to successfully navigate through significant and common deal obstacles including compliance and financing. Compliance audits and diligence are critical to ensure that acquirers do not inherit significant risks and that projected revenues can be verified. Financing topics that often present significant challenges will be covered including valuation, conflicting debt/equity issues, securitization, and incurred but reported liabilities.

Wed., April 18: Components for Effective Post-Deal Transitions, Integration, and Planning

The webinar will focus on the critical components required to have a successful transaction in the integration of two entities and cultures after the transaction is completed. This session will focus on how to effectively plan and implement a transition. The most successful transactions include detailed use of evaluating the differences between two or more combining entities and planning a step-by-step transition plan with the goal of using the most efficient operational units, benefit plans, insurance and risk management policies and procedures and evolving the governance process.

Thurs., May 17: Post-Deal Integration Specifics: Standardizing Delivery Processes and Contracting

This webinar will center on Post Deal Integration and Planning. Topics include: Discussion of redesigning/standardizing clinical care delivery processes to reach the highest efficiency and promote the best outcomes; employment contracting; and managed care contracting.


Publication Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012