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A Zero-Cost Approach to Reducing Costly Registration Errors

By Dave Owens

Many Virtua staff thought they knew why registration errors were being made. Then a performance improvement initiative disclosed and fixed three unsuspecting issues-saving $170,000 to date.

Beware of the ZPIC: Tips for Revenue Cycle Leaders

By Christopher A. Parrella

Prepayment medical reviews and postpayment audits are two key areas of focus where ZPICs can exert their fraud-and-abuse detection authority.

Optimizing the Revenue Cycle from Cerner

Reviewing Revenue Cycle Operations in an Age of Payer Audits

By Mandie Brzon

Ensuring optimal revenue cycle performance is increasingly important as federal payer and managed care audits become more prevalent.

Coding Q&A

E&M Service Codes

By Jennifer Swindle

This article discusses three issues related to E&M service codes that are being monitored and reviewed in the OIG work plan this year.

Figures at a Glance

Growth in Number of Hospital Stays by Expected Primary Payer, 1997-2009

Although the number of hospital stays grew by 14 percent between 1997 and 2009, growth varied widely by expected primary payer.

Web Extra

Standard Operating Procedure for Correct Identification of Self-Pay Accounts

By Dave Owens

Virtua uses this standard operating procedure to ensure that patient business services staff correctly identify self-pay accounts.

Publication Date: Sunday, April 01, 2012