What do visitors see when they access your chapter's website?

Do they see an active, professional organization anyone would be eager to join?

First impressions count. If your website is not well-maintained, prospective members may decide to look elsewhere for a group that's more organized and current. In other words, if visitors to your website have to wade through the virtual cobwebs, they may just take their membership and education dollars elsewhere.

Minimum Requirements

At a minimum, DCMS policy requires that chapter websites contain:

  • The chapter name and chapter logo
  • Current officer roster with name, office held, and contact information (this should change over June 1)
  • Upcoming chapter events calendar and registration information
  • Chapter bylaws
  • Link to www.hfma.org (preferably on each section's corresponding page)
  • Current and past issues of chapter newsletters

Perception and Performance

Look at your site from the eyes of a prospective member.

  • Is the leadership roster and contact info current (and do leaders respond to inquiries in a timely manner)?
  • Is the next education program prominently featured?
  • Is there a comprehensive list of upcoming events with links for more information or to contact someone with questions?
  • Is the latest copy of your newsletter posted?
  • Do all of the links on the page work?
  • If photos are posted, are they from a current event?
  • Is your chapter logo prominently featured and properly scaled?

You can access logos and other information from the Webmaster Toolkit. For additional tips and information see the Website Tips for Chapters page on the Webmaster Toolkit.

Chapters are required to verify that their websites are up to date on the Chapter Verification From which is due July 1. Take the time to thoroughly review your website and prepare to update your leadership rosters to ensure your information is current and accurate. To ensure that your leadership roster and contact information remain up to date consider linking to HFMA's Find a Chapter page.

Websites are a powerful communication tool-make sure your communication is powerfully good.

Publication Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012