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Better Statement Design for Improved Self-Pay Patient Collections

By Brian Kueppers

Employing accepted practices in statement design and billing processes can improve patient satisfaction and shorten the revenue cycle.

Converting the Physician Practice into a Revenue Cycle Champion

By J. R. Thomas

Five key metrics can help health system revenue cycle leaders improve their practice revenue cycle.

Using Technology to Manage Rising Levels of Patient Responsibility

By Kevin Weinstein

Revenue cycle leaders can use time-honored practices and advanced technology to manage increasing patient revenues.

Coding Q&A

Split/Shared Services

By Jennifer Swindle

This article discusses coding requirements related to split/shared services.

By the Numbers

Healthcare Costs as a Percentage of National Average

The 2012 Milliman Medical Index found that the average cost of care for the typical family of four exceeds $20,000 in all but three of the 14 cities studied.

Figures at a Glance

Average Collection Periods Fall

Hospitals have intensified their collection efforts, reducing average collection periods.

Web Extras

Example of a Patient Bill

Patient bills should be clear, accurate, timely, and simple to understand and should show the hospital brand.

Health System Business Office Incentive Plan Overview

A health system established an incentive plan for office staff that was easily self-funded from cash collections.

Example of a Health System Dashboard for Tracking Metrics

Tracking key metrics to ensure sound revenue cycle processes is easier with a dashboard.

Publication Date: Friday, June 01, 2012