March2012_coverDid you ever wonder where to find an expert on the hot topic du jour? Check out our chapter members who have shared their knowledge by writing articles for hfm magazine. In March, we published articles from the following HFMA members:

Karen Wagner, First Illinois Chapter, freelance writer, Lake Zurich, Ill., "5 Ways to Provide More Connected Care"

James H. Cooper, Metropolitan New York Chapter, senior vice president, AMS Health Care Mortgage Corporation, Jacksonville, Fla., "Market Turbulence Creates Financing Opportunity"

Marc D. Halley, Northwest Ohio Chapter, CEO, The Halley Consulting Group, Westerville, Ohio, "The Drive to Survive: Independent Medical Practice"

Brian S. Channon, First Illinois Chapter, senior vice president, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc., Skokie, Ill.; Ellen G. Riley, Southern California Chapter, vice president, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles; and Jason H. Sussman, First Illinois Chapter, managing director, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc., Skokie, Ill.; "Achieving Sustainable Cost Transformation"

Jan van Londen, Maryland Chapter, senior director, Huron Healthcare, Chicago, "Cutting Costs in Your Own Backyard: Opportunities in Financial Services"

Rick Leach, Georgia Chapter, senior vice president, Streamline Health, Cincinnati, "A Multidisciplinary Approach to Denials Prevention"

J. Jordan Shields, First Illinois Chapter, vice president, Juniper Advisory, Chicago, "Current Trends in Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions"

Publication Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012