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Safety Net Denver Health System Improves Revenue Cycle Performance By The Denver Health Revenue Cycle Value Stream Steering Committee

Taking a Lean approach has helped Denver Health generate $29 million in revenue cycle improvements.

Insights into 5010-Related Payer Rejections By Craig Webster

Payers differ in the way they interpret 5010 guidelines, leaving providers at risk for rejections and denials.

Optimizing the Revenue Cycle from Cerner

Clinical Documentation Improvement Supports the Revenue Cycle By Patrick Bell

When appropriately implemented, CDI programs are an invaluable tool for improving documentation that accurately demonstrates the level and complexity of care a patient receives.

Coding Q&A

Orthopedic Code Changes By Kathy Johnson

This article covers some new orthopedic code changes that have taken effect.

Figures at a Glance

Revenues and Expenses Fell Between 2010 and 2011 Without accounting for patient severity, hospital expenses and patient revenues decreased between the second quarters of 2010 and 2011.

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Denver Health's Revenue Cycle Value Stream Metrics for A/R Days Revenue cycle value stream metrics show performance over time, and accounts receivable (A/R) days illustrate sustained improvement at Denver Health System.

Sources of Waste in Health Care There are many examples of waste that apply to hospitals and health systems.

Denver Health's Rapid-Improvement Events, 2006-11 Since 2005, Denver Health's Revenue Cycle Value Stream Committee has held 52 rapid-improvement events (RIEs) to examine specific aspects of the revenue cycle.