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Capital Finance

Hospitals Acquire Upper Hand in Bond Covenants  

By Pierre Bogacz

In recent months, a rising number of hospitals have taken advantage of favorable bond terms to successfully sell bonds?without some of the traditional investor protections and without incurring a higher cost of debt.

Growth Strategies

Telemedicine: Strategic Benefits for Major Players

By Douglas Smith

Telemedicine is especially relevant for those hospitals attempting to meet health reform initiatives, working toward an ACO model, or replacing out-of-date or aging legacy systems. 

Budgeting and Reporting

Measuring the Financial Performance of Non-Core Hospital Businesses

By Ryan Heit

Hospital finance departments should work with leaders of non-core businesses to develop meaningful operating reports that can be used at all levels of the organization. 

Fall 2012 Issue

Financing Opportunities

Closing the Meaningful Use Gap for Small/Rural Hospitals

By Lauren Phillips

While traditional financing options may be an option for some well-positioned small/rural facilities, others may find better luck with nontraditional financing approaches.

Collaboration in Action

Two CAHs Team Up to Achieve Meaningful Use

By Lauren Phillips

Over the past year, the partnership has saved each facility about $300,000 on EHR implementation.

The Long View

Reform at Half-Time: ACA Versus the Economy

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

“I simply cannot see how consumers will be able to hold up their end of the reform bargain when the mandate goes into play.”

Mergers & Acquisitions

Hospital Consolidation Leads to Price Increases

Consolidated hospitals gain more power at the bargaining table with insurers.

Data Metrics & Analytics

Did Hospital Value Improve with the Economy?

By Jamie Cleverley and Lawrence Baylis

The 100 top-performing hospitals outperformed average U.S. hospitals on all Community Value Index measures.

Business Intelligence

Pinpointing Your Hospital’s Specific ICD-10 Reimbursement Risks

By Ken Perez

With business intelligence, hospitals can take existing data and predict specific reimbursement and operational risks from ICD-10.

Capital Challenge

Happy Endings Are Possible for Small Hospitals in Today’s Credit Markets

By Steven W. Kennedy, Jr.

A critical access hospital obtained needed capital from a local bank, securing a combination of tax-exempt, bank-qualified draw bonds and a taxable draw loan.

Finance at a Glance

Nonelderly Insured and Noninsured Are Skipping or Delaying Care

Cost pressures are driving both insured and uninsured patients to delay medical treatment and to skip taking prescribed drugs.  

Budgeting & Forecasting

How Unwritten Rules Can Sabotage Budgeting/Forecasting

By Dean Sorensen

Why are unwritten rules relevant to finance? Because they undermine a finance team’s ability to engage in honest discourse that drives planning and management change.