If you would like to share your expertise in Strategic Financial Planning, we would be happy to talk with you. Strategic Financial Planning is always on the look out for feature articles, case studies, charts/graphs, and tools that help healthcare leaders prioritize and implement executive-level issues.


Authors should send a one- or two-paragraph summary of their proposed article idea to Betty Hintch, senior editor.


Articles are edited for content, style, and length. Authors review edited manuscripts before publication.


Strategic Financial Planning does not promote or profile any commercial service, product, or organization in its editorial content. HFMA cannot directly promote any one company or product. So, please do not mention the name of any company, consultant, or organization within the title or body of the article. Also, please do not include the name of any product that your company sells or promotes. When a product or company needs to be referred to, describe it in general terms so that the reader gets a sense of what you mean. For instance, you might say "a consulting company that specializes in supply chain management" or a "staffing/scheduling software."

Author Compensation

Strategic Financial Planning does not pay authors for providing manuscripts. Authors receive three complimentary copies of the issue in which their articles appear. HFMA members receive two points toward earning the HFMA Founders Merit Award.


Strategic Financial Planning follows a policy of exclusive publication. Articles published elsewhere are not accepted. HFMA assumes sole copyright of any article published in Strategic Financial Planning. Permission of the publisher is required before an article can be copied or reproduced. Requests for reprints of an article or for permission to reprint an article in another publication should be directed to Ellen Tarantino at (800) 252-HFMA, ext. 384