In November 2015, the HFMA Board of Directors approved the Strategic Innovation Funding Program, making up to $10,000 per chapter available for the next three years for developing and implementing new programs, networking event and/or communications to strategic target market segments of health plans, physician practice groups, women in leadership and early careerists. In addition, the REC made Innovation a requirement on the Chapter Balanced Score Card (CBSC).


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2018-19 Strategic Innovation Funding Program details
Innovation Toolkit Page 
Post Event Reports for Chapter Innovations Funded
The following graphic provides more clarity on what roles within the physician segment HFMA is targeting.

innovation graphic
Strategic Innovation Funding Program

As HFMA looks to engage other strategically defined market segments including health plans and physician practice groups, women in leadership and early careerists, success will be dependent upon chapters engaging in new and different ways at the local level with these market segments.

HFMA is offering a methodology to allow chapters to pilot programs that would target the market segments identified.  This document will provide an overview of the criteria and process for chapters to seek and potentially obtain funding to increase membership within these market segments. The intent is to provide a safety net for chapters willing to take the risk of piloting new ideas. 

Chapters are encouraged to try something new.  We recognize this will take different forms for different chapters; what may be considered innovative for one chapter may already be performed by another chapter.

Application Process
Applications can be submitted quarterly only during the submission period. To submit an application, click here.

innovation 2017-18

  • Application needs to include the desired outcomes and how the chapter will target the strategically defined target market segments
  • Application needs to include the amount of funding being requested and documentation to substantiate the funding request
  • If an application is rejected, comments will be provided and the chapter can resubmit  

Reimbursement Process

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Chapter Relations at
(800) 252-4362 or