Do you have a vast network of potential members, but not sure how to approach them or what information to provide? Here is a list of tips to help you recruit new members:

  • Tell a story. Share a time when HFMA membership was essential to your career. Avoid using jargon and acronyms. You can also share your HFMA story with us.

  • Paint a picture. Use the new HFMA Membership Brochure as a guide for communicating the value of HFMA to others.

  • Make it a game. Set a goal you want to exceed. Better yet, "compete" against a few other HFMA members.

  • Focus on benefits; not features. Explain why HFMA membership helps you solve problems. Ask potential members what they need to do their best and advance in their career.

  • Use What better way to illustrate the value of HFMA membership? For example, HFMA’s Regulatory Resources are useful, exclusive tools for members. 

  • Get Social. Spread the word about HFMA and your profession through your social media accounts.
  • Keep a Record. Make a list of the members you recruit.