Thank you to all of our HFMA members supporting the HFMA Member-Get-A-Member Program 2016-17.* Year-after-year, our dedicated members continue to share the value of HFMA and their career aspirations with others.

Special recognition is given to the following individuals who recruited THREE OR MORE new HFMA members:

 Anne Cloutier  Mary Leah Walke
 Brian Stephens  Natasha Erb
 Cassandra Stewart  Nick Ficklin
 Catherine Ekbom  Peter Seaman
 Enid Gonzalez  Robin Ziegler
 Erik Greer  Ronda Dodge
 Gregory Madrid  Ryan Schultz
 Jenny Johnson  Sally Montes
 Jesus Corazon  Scott Gardner
 Josh Fuhr  Shannon Stallkamp
 Julie Carpenter  Stephanie Brenden
 Karen Schneider  Steven Backus
 Kevin Lee  Susan Chevalier
 Leslie Claas  Tiffany Bradeen
 Liana Hans  Vanessa Couch-Laguana
 Mark Worthen  Wanda James
 Mary Beth Briscoe  

*The 2016-17 Member-Get-A-Member Program ended 04/30/2017.