Governance of the Association

HFMA’s national officers and Board of Directors, comprised of volunteer leaders of the Association, oversee the Association’s governance and management. The roles, powers, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Association’s officers are defined by the Association’s constitution and bylaws.

The national officers and Board of Directors also oversee management of the HFMA Educational Foundation.

Other Governing and Advisory Bodies

The Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is comprised of content specialists responsible for HFMA’s certification examinations.

National Advisory Councils

The National Advisory Councils (NAC) provide professional perspective to the Association on thought leadership topics important to HFMA members. The structure for these councils is flexible and may change somewhat each year depending on HFMA’s strategic needs. Appointments will be made to each of these three councils from individuals who are active in their profession as well as HFMA volunteers who are knowledgeable in the executive, payment and reimbursement, or patient financial services/revenue cycle subject areas.

The NAC consists of directors from the National board and 24 appointed members who serve staggered two-year terms who focus on key issues facing the healthcare industry and the Association. These councils meet two times a year.

Regional Executives

Each year, chapter presidents-elect from each of HFMA's 11 regions elect Regional Executives to serve as their chapters' primary volunteer and policy link with HFMA National. They are supported in their efforts by the RE 2s.  


HFMA occasionally co-signs "coalition letters" with other healthcare organizations to demonstrate widespread support for a particular issue. Through collaboration with other healthcare associations we help ensure that the healthcare finance perceptive is incorporated into the efforts of other associations.

HFMA currently participates in the following coalitions: