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Kevin Pickhardt              
Pharos Systems

Michael O'Leary             
Vice President and General Manager
Pharos Systems

Jeff Buehrle
Chief Financial Officer Arizona Rural Hospitals
Banner Health


Imagine saving millions of dollars and improving compliance, by adjusting something employees do every day: Printing. Print is not only an untapped area for significant savings, but every unsecured document increases your risk of a costly data breach. The great news is that print reduction has hard cost savings and naturally reduces security risk.

Even systems with managed print providers typically achieve less than half of the potential savings; and often leave document security as a high-risk gap. Hear how Banner Health saved $17 million while overcoming unmanaged print, addressed security issues, and instilled a “mindful print” culture. Learn the critical role Finance holds to uncover hidden savings, seize low-hanging opportunities, and transform an overlooked area into an optimized, best practice.

After This Webinar You'll Be Able To:

  • Use a proven formula to quickly estimate your current state print costs and determine your system's potential savings opportunity.
  • Identify new ways to significantly reduce print related costs, and save 35% - 50% without operational disruption.
  • Recognize security gaps and how to reduce risk / improve compliance associated with printed documents.
  • Describe key metrics that reveal hidden costs and five things to look for to determine if you have a printing problem worth solving.  

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Whitepaper: Banner Health $17M Success Story
  • Savings Opportunity projection to determine your 2018 savings potential 
  • Article Set: Links and copies of published thought leadership topics

Recommended for:

CEOs, CFOs, VP of Supply Chain, Payer, IT and Sustainability Officers

Field of Study: Special Knowledge
Delivery Method: Group Internet
Level: Basic                    
Pre-work: Prior to the webinar, invest 10 minutes to walk around your corporate, hospital and/or ambulatory work spaces and observe the documents abandoned in printer and copier output trays and area trash and recycle bins.                             
Prerequisites: None                                                                                                  
Contact hours: 1.0


HFMA members: Free
Non-members: $99

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Note: This on-demand webinar is available until May 2, 2019.