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Cvent Training and Support

Q: How will chapters be trained to use Cvent?

A: The Help and Support area of the Cvent website has an extensive library of training videos available 24/7, as well as a knowledge base where you can search for articles. From the help and support page you can access forums groups and click on one of the icons on the right side of the page to open a case (24-hour turn around), live chat with Cvent customer support or for time-sensitive issues call and speak to a customer service representative. The Cvent customer support number is 866-318-4357

Dial 1 for Event Management
Dial 2 for Cvent Supplier Network
Dial 3 for CrowdCompass
Dial 4 for Onsite Solutions
Dial 5 for Abstract and Appointments
Dial 6 for Inquisium
Dial 7 for eMarketing  

Q: Do we have a service level agreement, e.g. urgent vs. non-urgent issues?

A: HFMA has contracted to have Cvent provide a 24/7 dedicated HFMA call line and an account manager and a dedicated customer support team that is available during business hours to support HFMA. 

Cvent Event Setup

Q: How do we enter our Education Plan programs into Cvent?

A: Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Q: How do we ensure that hours are distributed correctly for a multi-chapter or regional event?

A: The key is in the event set up. Follow these steps to ensure that all participating chapters get their hours. If you are an event where only your chapter should get the hours follow these instructions.

Q: How can we validate member status?

A:  To configure your event so registrants' membership is validated, follow the steps for Cvent SSO Event Configuration.

Q:  Some of our contact group information has changed, how did this happen?

A:  If someone from another chapter uploads a contact file and they are not careful, it can overwrite information for someone in your contact group. To ensure you aren't overwriting someone else's contact information follow these steps.

Q: Why aren't our Cvent emails delivered?

A: Cvent Help & Support has a must-read article with solutions to your undelivered mail. It includes tips on how to avoid the spam folder and how to get your emails whitelisted. When updating the whitelist, you'll also want to include the following domains:,,, Find more information here. 

Q: Help! The email responses for our event are going to the wrong address, how can we change the email settings?

A: There are a few places where you can update your Cvent event to the correct email address will appear as the contact. If you check these during your initial setup, you can avoid heartburn later. This is especially important if you use different event planners for your chapter's events. Follow these steps to update your email settings.

Q: How do we add CPE or education credits to our event?

A: Awarding credits is a great way to reward your registrants for attending a training seminar or continuing education course. Planners have the option to award credits for the entire event, for specific sessions, or both. Read More.

Q: How do we send a feedback survey to record Education Quality?

A: You can set up an email to automatically send out your feedback survey. Follow these steps, then check out our tips on Feedback Survey emails

Q: How do we test our event to ensure that everything works?

A: Moving an event to Test Mode allows you to accept up to 100 test registrations and send up to 100 emails. Take full advantage of this to guarantee everything is customized to your needs before opening your site to invitees. Read More.

Q: How can we add test users?

A: It's a good idea to test your event before you go live to make sure all pages display correctly, (see how to test above) that the links work and that emails are going to the appropriate person. There is no charge to add test users when you create your event. Email the test user's name and email address to with the subject line "Create a test user." It's always fun to play stump the CR staff, but you'll get quicker results if you tell us your chapter name so we know where your test user should live.

Q: How do we set up a no-fee, stand-alone networking event?

A: We have created a template for stand-alone networking events. Here's how to enter your networking event quickly.

Q: How do we set up a sponsorship?

A: Create a sponsorship event and set the levels up as Admission Items. Read More

Cvent Registration

Q: How will Cvent know how to apply member vs. non-member pricing?

A: When you set up your event, follow the directions for Cvent SSO Event Configuration. When a member registers for the first time their membership will be validated against the database. Once a registrant’s membership has been successfully validated, the registrant/member can register at any other chapter or regional event and the information will be tied to the member’s account. This will eliminate the need for chapters to verify members from other HFMA chapters.

Q: How do we handle onsite registrations?

A: Cvent allows for onsite registration if you have an internet-connected computer, Apple i-Pads or Apple phones.

Q: How do we handle locations where multiple people view webinars?

A: Collect sign in sheets with first name, last name, and email, then register the names in Cvent.

Q: What about events where a chapter collaborates with an outside organization?

A: The chapter will have to enter the first name, last name, and email of registrants they want to capture. 

Q: We had education events before our chapter implemented Cvent, or registration was not handled by Cvent. How do we enter the attendees and hours for these events?

A. When you receive access to your Cvent account, enter these type of events as "no registration required events" in order to count for DCMS hours. After you enter them into Cvent, send us the attendee list 

Q: Can we enter evaluations for events that took place before our chapter had implemented Cvent for the year?

A: Yes, follow the instructions for uploading feedback.

Additional Cvent Features

Q:  Can we purchase a printer on our own that is available with Cvent's OnArrival?

A:  According to Cvent, you can purchase printers from vendors outside Cvent; however, Cvent does not provide support or troubleshooting for equipment purchased from an outside vendor. If you have problems, you would have to contact the printer manufacturer for support. Equipment purchased from outside Cvent will print badges, but will not check in attendees. You can purchase Avery card stock that is compatible with the printer you purchase. Any printer you purchase should be compatible with iOS. Currently Cvent says their OnArrival supports all Zebra Link-OS enabled printers, including the following model numbers:

  • ZD500
  • GK420D
  • ZD500R
  • ZD420D

If you prefer to have Cvent support for badge printing you may  purchase or rent an Event in a Box instead.

Q: Can Cvent issue CPE or education certificates?

A: Yes! Click the link to Learn how to Create Education Credits and add them to certificates. You can either send the certificates manually or attach them to a Feedback Survey response.

Q: How do we send out a feedback survey?

A: Click the link to learn how to Invite People to Take the Feedback Survey. This will also eliminate the need for chapters to submit Education Quality Surveys as this will all be reported automatically via the survey response. You can also prompt Cvent to attach a CPE certificate upon receipt of a completed survey which encourages more people to complete your survey. 

Q: Does this include an event app?

A: The base program does not include the event app. Chapters can purchase this for an additional fee that ranges from $1,550/event (small event up to 499 attendees, 3-year contract) to ($2,588/event (large event, 1,000+ attendees, 2-year contract). For more information, click here.

Q: Is polling during an event a feature of the enterprise version of Cvent? If not, what is the additional fee?

A: Polling is optional, but requires purchase of the event app. The additional cost for the polling feature is $400/year. For more information, click here.  

Cvent Fees

Q: Our chapter has free programs; how will we cover the cost of these registrations?

A: Initial calculations suggest that the cost of free programs could be covered by raising the fee for paid programs by $5.

Q: Does the number of registrants include registrants to national programs?

A: No, the number of registrants is based only on registrants reported in the PPT. National attendees are not counted and the chapter is not responsible for fees for attendees at national programs.

Q: Is the chapter responsible for credit card fees or is that part of the registration fee?

A: The chapter will still be responsible for credit card fees. The credit card processing fee is charged by the bank and are separate from the Cvent registration fee.

Q: Will our chapter get a rebate if we don’t use all the registrations in the initial year?

A: For this first year only, unused registrations can be rolled over to the following contract year.

Q: If registrations are carried over, does that mean our chapter will be charged less for the next contract year?

A: Yes, the registrations that are rolled over will be deducted from your 2019-2020 registrant fees.

Q: What happens if we need additional registrations?

A: We have contracted with Cvent to provide additional registrations for the same price, $2.93 per registrant.

Q: How were the number of registrants calculated for the initial Cvent contract?

A: The calculation was based on the actual number of registrants for all programs in the 2016-17 PPT and the estimated number of registrants for all programs entered in the PPT for 2017-18. We used a 12- to 18-month average based on whether your chapter was in the initial phase or a later phase.

Q: How are we to allocate the fees in our QuickBooks account?                 

A: Our accounting developed a brief video tutorial (6:25 minutes): QuickBooks instructions/Chapter rebate checks with directions for HFMA Chapter treasurers on how to enter this year's dues rebate revenue, insurance and Cvent costs into QuickBooks.