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Moderator: Shawn Bishop, MPP                   
VP, Controlling Health Care Costs and Advancing Medicare     
The Commonwealth Fund

Speaker: James Landman, PhD, JD                 
Director, Healthcare Finance Policy, Perspectives & Analysis     

Speaker: Keith Moore                
McManis Consulting

Speaker: David Muhlestein, PhD, JD            
Chief Research Officer
Leavitt Partners


Findings from a nationwide study of factors influencing total cost of care indicate that components of market structure may have significant value in explaining variations in baseline costs across healthcare markets. The findings also suggest the value of competition among well-organized, vertically aligned healthcare systems. This webinar will explore the policy and practical implications of these findings and offer recommendations for health systems, physician practices, health plans, and other key industry stakeholders interested in managing total cost of care. 

After This Webinar You'll Be Able To:

  • Identify factors influencing variations in baseline costs and growth in total cost of care across healthcare markets
  • Describe the potential value of competition among vertically integrated healthcare systems
  • Define the implications of market structure factors for health systems, physician practices, health plans, and other stakeholders working to manage total cost of care

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Report: "What Is Driving Total Cost of Care?"

Recommended for:

Health System CEO, Health System CFO, Physician or Clinical Leader, Physician Practice Executive, Health Plan Executive, Policy Experts

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge 
Delivery Method: Group Internet
Level: Update                        
Pre-work: None                            
Prerequisites: None                                                                                                     
Contact hours: 1.0


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Note: This on-demand webinar is available until July 5, 2019.