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Lauren D'Souza
Product Marketing Manager   

Sydney Sundell
Product Marketing Manager


From denied claims to missed prior authorizations, there are plenty of processes within the revenue cycle that can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to human error.  The opportunity to tackle these challenges through artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can be of significant value to a hospital’s revenue cycle.

This interactive webinar will use real-world examples to explore some of the workflows most at risk for inefficiency, detail the impact of those inefficiencies, and propose ways to optimize those systems using automation technologies. Learn how automation and artificial intelligence can help your organization eliminate denials for no coverage, increase speed of collections, and see ROI up to 200%.

After This Webinar You'll Be Able To:

  • Understand different types of automations as well as the benefits of each
  • Identify workflows and tasks that would be good candidates for automation
  • Feel comfortable assessing ROI and impact of these technologies on the revenue cycle

  • Recommended for:

    CEO, VP of Supply Chain, Billing and Collection Managers, Physician or Clinical Leader, Physician Practice Executive, Payer         

    Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge                  
    Delivery Method: Group Internet
    Level: Basic                                       
    Pre-work: None                            
    Prerequisites: None         
    Contact hours: 1.0


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    Non-members: $99

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    Note: This on-demand webinar is available until October 23, 2019.