Technical Director/Senior Financial Exec & Accounting

Started working at HFMA in 2009

What do you do at HFMA?

My role is to help the HFMA team deliver information and education to the industry in the form of articles, presentations, educational sessions and facilitated round tables.  I also provide a CFO perspective and expertise for publications, articles, presentations and education. Finally, I provide technical industry guidance and input to organizations such as FASB, IRS and OMB. 

What do you like about life here?

HFMA feels like a family and that has made it extremely easy to fit in.  It was not a big transition to feel like part of the team - everyone was very welcoming.  The staff is passionate about the mission and vision of what we do, and they empathize with and truly care about the members.  HFMA not only treats their members well; they treat their employees like family too. The staff here likes what they do and they sincerely care about each other.

Why did you choose to work at HFMA

Prior to joining HFMA, I was the CFO of a hospital and had the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities impacting change in health care. This position at HFMA allows me to have a broader impact on a full time basis.  I can positively impact the healthcare industry every day through interaction with our members, industry leaders and other partners. This position allows me to merge what I loved doing as a volunteer with what I am doing professionally.  I can now learn from several organizations and deliver those messages across the country.  I am serving more than just one hospital community - I am serving communities everywhere.