MSC Quality Administrator

Worked at HFMA since 1994

What do you do at HFMA? 

The Member Services Center is like the heart of this organization. We respond to all inquiries from our members and other customers. We keep their contact information up to date, enroll members, register people for training sessions, enter payments, and keep the member database current. When there is a new training session, we set up the codes so customers can enroll online and we can track the success of a specific education session. We also manage the members' subscriptions to our wide variety of publications to ensure they are receiving the information they want and need. I run reports from the membership database to help my co-workers analyze different ways to enhance the members' experiences related to education sessions, subscriptions, and other products we offer. At times I feel like a detective. I listen carefully to the members and customers when they call with a problem. Then I research and resolve problems. There is a great sense of accomplishment when I'm able to provide excellent customer service by getting to the bottom of an issue. Keeping our members and customers happy is my No. 1 priority!

What do you like about life here?

The people are the best part of working here--not just my co-workers, but also the members and customers I interact with on the phone. The people who work here at HFMA are enthusiastic and really cooperate with each other to get the job done. Our members and customers are some of the greatest people I've had the opportunity to work with. They are friendly and really appreciative of what we do.

Why did you choose to work at HFMA?

I started here as a temp in 1993 and was hired a few months later. My neighbor recommended HFMA to me. She also referred another neighbor, and now all three of us work together here at HFMA. I was at home for 13 years raising my three daughters, so I was very excited and nervous when I joined HFMA. Working here has helped me to gain so many skills--especially computer skills--and increase my self-confidence.