Office Manager – Washington, D.C.

Started working at HFMA in 1983

What do you do at HFMA?

I'm one of the HFMA employees who work in the Washington, D.C., office. As the office manager, I supervise the administrative team for the office. My team provides administrative support to the technical analysts, managers, and directors. This includes working closely with the Principles and Practices Board, helping to set up meetings and calls, pulling together materials for staff and members, and assisting with travel arrangements. I post materials to the HFMA Resource Library and Patient Friendly Billing web site and act as the office liaison between Westchester and the Washington, D.C., offices. I work on various projects with people from both offices.

What do you like about life here?

I was hired as a word processing operator in 1983. It's been quite a journey since then. I've worked with all types of people here at HFMA. Through this, I've grown up with this organization and the people. I have been treated with respect and have been exposed to many different types of people. As a result, I'm more patient with people and I always try to put myself in the other person's shoes.

Why did you choose to work at HFMA?

The people are the best part of working here. By working on various teams across the association, I've found that I have come to appreciate the different working styles and different ways we communicate. We have fun and get the job done. We support each other; whether we are having personal troubles or we have a new hobby, people are genuinely interested and caring. HFMA is a good place to work with great people and excellent benefits.