Healthcare organizations in today's challenging economy recognize their workforce as their most valuable asset. As such, workforce development has become a primary business strategy. Discover the resources for developing the talents, knowledge, and skill sets of your staff members.

Personal Checklist

Things to think about before getting started:

  • What are the business goals of your department and organization?
  • Does your staff have the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet those business goals?
  • Do you know your team's career and learning goals?
  • Have you identified the high performers and those on your team with high potential?
  • Does your organization have internal resources that can either help you with your plan or provide learning experiences? 


Job Descriptions - Samples


What is a self-assessment about?

Use the HFMA self-assessments to assist employees (and you) to learn about themselves, what areas they need to work on and the career direction they may consider—with your assistance. The self-assessments present HFMA’s finance competencies and are structured to identify required capabilities for the professional staff, managerial and executive levels. Taking the assessment is easy and you can use the results of the skills assessment to initiate career development by acquiring the skills needed for a particular position.