Job TitleInpatient Registrar
Job LevelStaff
Date Revised1/14/04
Functional AreaPatient Access
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JOB TITLE:  Inpatient Admissions Registrar

DEPARTMENT:  Admissions

REPORTS TO:  Admissions Supervisor


RESPONSIBLE FOR:  Registering patients for admission to Hospital.

QUALIFICATIONS:  High school diploma.  One year of experience with the public as an account representative, customer service representative, or similar, preferably in a medical setting.  Ability to use Windows programs such as WordPerfect or Word, and other software packages.  Good English language, typing skills, and good telephone etiquette.  Ability to read, write and follow directions.


  1. Processes patient registrations.
  2. Maintains reception desk.
  3. Maintains supplies and office equipment
  4. Communicates with others.


Inpatient Admissions Registrar

All functions shall be performed in a competent, high quality, timely and cost-effective manner in accord with departmental procedures or protocols. Quality is defined as correct, accurate, thorough and age-appropriate. Other performance measures and/or expansion of the above also apply if included below.


Functions and Performance StandardsRatings
  1. Processes patient registrations.

    1. Interviews patient/patient representative to gather accurate demographic and insurance information contained in the administrative and medical records.
    2. Inputs appropriate ICD-9 codes based on posted diagnosis.
    3. Inputs appropriate occurrence and conditions codes for UB92.
    4. Copies insurance card(s) for verification purposes and financial review.
    5. Assembles chart and insurance information and distributes to the appropriate nursing unit and financial counselor.
    6. Documents advising the patient of his/her rights as a patient. Explains advance directives and provides appropriate written materials with regard to Advance Directives (living will and durable power of attorney for healthcare) in accordance with Federal, State and JCAHO requirements.
    7. Secures proper admission consent from patient for authorization to treat, permission to release information in order to verify and file the insurance claim and guarantee of payment of account.
    8. Documents pertinent activity on the patient account via notes.
    9. Secures escort for patient to assigned nursing or treatment area.
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  1. Maintains reception desk.

    1. Maintains the L&D cart. Including picking up the cart from the ED upon opening the department and taking the cart back to the ED when closing as well as purging the cart for delivered accounts.
    2. Monitors the reception desk phones, answering the phone timely, transferring and forwarding calls where appropriate, and retrieving voice mail messages, taking appropriate action and deleting voice mails promptly.
    3. Tags patient baggage and monitors the dispensing of it, ensures the delivery of any luggage left at the desk at the end of the business day.
    4. Maintains appearance of the Admitting Lobby.
    5. Reviews, sorts, and addresses mail on a daily basis.
    6. Directs patients and regulates flow of patient activity. Completes sign out log for each patient upon arrival ensuring appropriate orders are attached for registration processing.
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  1. Maintains supplies and office equipment.

    1. Orders necessary supplies for the departments daily functional needs.
    2. Replenishes office equipment with needed paper, ink, toner, etc.
    3. Calls for repair service as need is identified.
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  1. Communicates with others.

    1. Establishes effective relationships with co-workers and employees in other departments.
    2. Performs appropriately in difficult situations by remaining calm, notifying appropriate personnel and initiating appropriate action.
    3. Responds to inquiries from patients, relatives, physicians, insurance companies and general public quickly and efficiently by actively listening and taking appropriate action.
    4. Discusses problems/confidential information only in appropriate settings and with the appropriate personnel; keeps any confidential documents secure and out of public view.
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TOTAL POINTS:           /NUMBER OF FUNCTIONS:                      = 

Publication Date: Monday, April 17, 2006