Healthcare Dollars & Sense - Perspectives and Applications (GS2)

Date & Time

Monday, November 3 — 8:15 – 10:00 a.m.


Sarah Khodle
Vice President of Revenue
Baylor Scott & White - North Texas Division

Sharon M. Kelley, CPA
Interim VP, PFS
Rochester General Health Systems

Kimm Benedetto
Director, Financial Counseling
Rochester General Health Systems

Kimberly Bliss
Director, Hospital Billing and Long Term Care
Rochester General Health Systems

Mark Rukavina
Managing Member
Community Health Advisors, LLC (moderator)


Providers face multiple challenges in appropriately handling self-pay collections.  These challenges are increasing as more patients become insured but are covered by high-deductible plans. Two providers will share their effective approaches to patient financial communications and medical debt resolution through a discussion moderated by a patient advocate, providing tips on strategies to gain patient cooperation and satisfaction.

After This Session, You'll Be Able To:

  • Increase cash collections and patient satisfaction by coupling effective communications strategies with technology solutions
  • Apply successful point-of-service collection strategies
  • See how a stratification approach improves resolution of self pay accounts and reduces bad debt placements