• Spirituality in the Workplace?

    By Joe Abel

    Joe AbelWhat does it mean to have “spirituality” in the workplace? The term “spirituality” can be tricky to define. It is understood here as the integration of wisdom, heart, and social responsibility in the workplace.

    Fostering spirituality in the workplace accomplishes the following:

    • Emphasizes sustainability: Employees and the company as a whole strive to contribute to the greater good in the world. There is ongoing review for potentially negative and unintended consequences of business decisions on individuals, society, and the environment.
    • Values individual contribution: Workplace leaders promote volunteer service outside of the organization and value those who “give back” to society.
    • Enables creativity: Workplace leaders provide resources to help employees uncover their creative potential and apply creativity across the organization.
    • Cultivates inclusion: Individuals’ life experiences and the lessons learned are welcomed. Workplace leaders foster acceptance to build a sense of community that supports the work.
    • Develops principles: Workplace leaders invest in helping employees better understand themselves, develop successful professional and personal relationships, and enhance their business and management skills.
    • Promotes following your passion: Workplace leaders emphasizes appropriate use of individuals' gifts and encourage employees to use their unique skills within the organization.

    Where these workplace features are practiced and accepted as unassailable, insoluble, and highly valued, there is spirituality in the workplace. Imagine the effect on employees!

    Joe Abel, CPCC, ACC, PhD, is HFMA’s director of career strategies. He is certified as a professional career coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

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