• Collaboration Payoffs

    Nov 01, 2012

    Healthcare leaders describe some collaborative partnerships that their organizations have engaged in-and the benefits that have resulted.

    last-word-hatalaPhysician Co-Management

    We believe that physicians are best suited to champion changes that result in providing greater value to patients. That is why we created a co-management model in cardiology services. The partnership between Lourdes Health System and the cardiologists is a response to the need to fundamentally change healthcare delivery. Physicians are involved in the leadership of a broad spectrum of operational activities and are compensated based on performance targets. In addition, we work side by side with the physicians to create a seamless delivery system for patients receiving cardiovascular care in the hospital and in the community-based practice locations.

    Post-Acute Transitionslast-word-barr

    The HealthEast-initiated partnership with Stratis Health, a not-for-profit quality improvement organization, is allowing us to take our care transitions model, which we use for our long-term acute care hospital, to the next level. We shared with Stratis the details of our innovative programs, including a target discharge date tool, a ventilator weaning pathway, and a new discharge checklist that focuses on the seamless transition of care for patients and their families. Stratis is convening a group of post-acute care providers, administrators, and medical directors to share successes and concentrate on the continued development of best practice standards. We are proud to be a part of that committed effort.

    last-word-schmid-mazzoccoliSystemwide Change

    We adopted Learning Communities, which are communities of providers across our geographically disparate system that work to create an idealized patient care design for a specific service line (such as cardiac surgery) or quality initiative (such as reducing sepsis). The Learning Communities, which are led by a chief nurse and a chief medical officer, identify best practices that are to be implemented systemwide. Then a physician and a nurse at each hospital drive change at the local level. The physician-nurse partnership is key. When these clinicians get passionate and they have system-level endorsement, it has a lot of momentum. 

    Industry Partnershipslast-word-stover-hopkins

    We served as DuPont's U.S. test hospital to see how DuPont's safety tools and theories would work in a healthcare setting. There are obviously so many differences between a multi-national chemical corporation and a not-for-profit medical center. However, there was so much common ground when it came to safety principles. We came away learning so much about the need for every day commitments by every team member to safety. Within 18 months from the start of this collaboration, we received HealthGrades' Patient Safety Excellence Award™, and we won that award again this year. I highly recommend looking to other industries for innovative solutions just waiting to be shared.