• Leadership: Summer 2013 Issue

    Jun 10, 2013

    Incentives and Value

    Leadership Summer 2013
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    At the Forefront of Payment Reform
    Collaboration and data sharing have been critical in pilots of three new payment approaches: bundled payment, episode payment, and pay for performance.

    Improving Efficiency Scores While Maintaining Quality
    Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing program steps on the accelerator, beginning Oct. 1, 2014, when it adds an efficiency score—a hospital’s spending per Medicare patient—to the formula that determines hospital pay.

    Successful Physician-Hospital Alignment
    Lee Memorial Health System, UnityPoint Clinic, and other providers are taking steps to align hospitals and physicians as they navigate the transition from volume to value.

    Case Study

    Revamping Service Line Planning
    A North Carolina-based hospital redesigned its service line strategic planning process to be in sync with the annual budget cycle.


    Moving the Dial with Employee and Executive Incentives
    Setting clear goals and rewarding leaders and employees for meeting targets are common factors in the incentive plans developed by North Mississippi Health Services and North Shore-LIJ Health System.

    Sidebar: Harnassing the Giving Incentive

    Sidebar: Trends in Healthcare Executive Incentive Payments

    Breakthrough Map

    Betting on Bundled Payment
    This Leadership infographic presents the evidence to date on bundled payment and outlines the risks involved in this new payment approach.


    Rising to the Challenge
    An interview with Donald Berwick, MD
    “Most doctors would rather be appealed to on the high ground about their professionalism, their missions in life, their craftsmanship, their peer relations,” says Donald Berwick, MD.

    Social Services: Prescribing the Basics of Good Health
    An interview with Rebecca Onie
    Health Leads is a student-run organization that recruits, trains, and supports student volunteers from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago, and other schools to serve as advocates for patients and families who need help accessing resources.

    Physician Recruitment with a Missionary Mindset
    An interview with Benjamin Anderson
    Two years ago, Ashland Health Center’s board approved a policy that allows every employee to take between four and eight weeks off work each year for mission trips or any other purpose.


    Three Ways to Get to a Better Number
    By James L. Reinertsen, MD, CEO, The Reinertsen Group
    “We know the old incentive system doesn’t work,” writes Reinertsen. “But will our new set of incentives be any better?”

    Five IT Tactics of an ACO
    By John D. Halamka, MD, MS, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    “We have been building an IT foundation for care management and population health for several years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,” writes Halamka.

    On the Road to Value
    By Todd Nelson, technical director, HFMA
    “Flexible and adaptable, committed and incented … it’s all about developing a perspective to deliver on the promise of value,” writes Nelson.

    Three Ways to Incite Value
    From the Editors

    Last Word

    Staying Motivated
    Four healthcare leaders reveal how they and their teams stay inspired when the going gets tough.