• Spring 2015 Issue

    May 01, 2015

    Sustainable Solutions

    Leadership Spring 2015 Cover

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    Patient Harm: Attaining & Sustaining Dramatic Improvements
    Healthcare organizations are doubling down on patient infections, falls, pressure ulcers, and other healthcare-associated conditions.

    Nourishing a Lagging, Cross-Disciplinary Improvement Project
    Progressive healthcare organizations are learning how to get around common obstacles with collaborative improvement projects to increase the odds of success.

    Giving Back to the Community Brings Business Benefits
    To improve population health, healthcare organizations are following patients into the community to address socioeconomic causes of medical problems.


    Reining in the Costs of Cancer Care
    An interview with Lee Newcomer, MD
    Payment innovations promise to reduce overall cancer costs, while shifting revenues from hospitals to physicians, says UnitedHealthcare’s Lee Newcomer, MD.

    Turning ICD-10 into a Clinical Priority
    An interview with Kari Cornicelli
    Sharp HealthCare is showing physicians that accurately capturing the care they provide to patients (via documentation and ICD-10 codes) can help them improve that care.

    Welcoming Families as Partners in Care
    An interview with Anna Roth
    Launching a 24/7 visiting policy is one way that Contra Costa Regional Medical Center has strengthened the provider-patient partnership.

    Breakthrough Map

    Saving by Going Green
    Gundersen, Virginia Mason, and many other healthcare providers are saving thousands to millions of dollars by making environmentally smart decisions.


    Planning for a Leadership Pipeline
    Martin Health System improved its succession planning process to ensure it had the right leaders with the right skills in the right roles at the right times.


    Collaboration: Stone Soup Style
    Joseph J. Fifer, HFMA president & CEO
    "In today’s rapidly evolving environment, collaborative efforts that improve health and health care are cause for celebration,” writes HFMA president & CEO Joseph J. Fifer.

    Last Word

    Heeding Wise Words
    Four healthcare leaders share invaluable advice about management that they still rely on.