• Sidebar: Changes and Improvements Made at CLC

    Dec 13, 2011

    A physician practice management firm worked with Cardiologists L.C. (CLC) to make several changes and improvements in the following four areas: organizational, patient and physician relations, culture and operations.

    Organizational Changes 

    • Completed management team assessment and coordinated restructuring
    • Recruited new director of clinical services and new group practice administrator
    • Developed and implemented new governance matrix
    • Developed and implemented executive committee election/term policy
    • Developed and implemented a slowdown policy for practice physicians to support retirement transitions and physician recruitment activities
    • Developed a plan and negotiated an agreement with The Finley Hospital for a satellite clinic
    • Developed a provider-based billing implementation plan
    • Developed a Heart Failure Program that facilitated closer alignment with St. Luke's Hospital
    • Developed an agreement for the training of three CLC physicians at the Eastern Iowa Sleep Center
    • Developed a strategy to increase vascular business and purchased three vascular disease management for deployment

    Patient and Physician Relations Improvements 

    • Formed Patient Access Task Force
    • Expanded clinic hours and implemented after-hour appointment times
    • Implemented same-day appointment guarantee for referring physicians
    • Improved relationships with referring physicians and emergency department physicians
    • Increased physician participation in community education and events
    • Implemented the patient satisfaction survey with management
    • Developed action plans to improve patient satisfaction results

    Cultural Changes 

    • Implemented monthly clinic newsletter to foster better communication with associates
    • Enhanced trust among CLC's senior management, associates, and physicians by improving communication and more transparent decision making
    • Created culture that focused on high performance and accountability
    • Developed a disruptive conduct policy to enhance staff relations with physicians
    • Created a collaborative spirit across the practice
    • Introduced the St. Luke's performance assessment and rounding tools to ensure consistency across continuum of care
    • Improved the Great Place to Work survey scores and associates' satisfaction scores
    • Developed mentor program within CLC

    Operational Improvements 

    • Developed a comprehensive IT plan to improve clinic function and efficiency
    • Implemented midlevel-specific responsibilities with new employment agreement
    • Developed and implemented the operating budget for 2011
    • Created a set of management reports for the executive committee, managers, and board with industry benchmarks to ensure ongoing progress
    • Realigned work practices to help the practice move toward top-tier performance against national benchmarks

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