This collaborative agreement outlines the responsibilities of HealthPartners' administrators and physicians for delivering optimal patient care.

As described in a recent article in HFMA's Strategic Financial Planning newsletter, HealthPartners, Bloomington, Minn., is an integrated health system that is using various strategies to culturally align its hospitals, physicians, medical groups, and other entities around shared goals and objectives.

In 2006, administrators with HealthPartners Medical Group and Clinics worked with physicians to develop a Physician and Dentist Partnership Agreement, which outlines each side's responsibilities in providing optimal patient care. While the document is not a contract, it is embedded in the provider's hiring process and employee reviews.

Access tool: HealthPartners' Physician & Dentist Partnership Agreement

Among the responsibilities mentioned in the document, administrators should "provide market-based and performance-linked compensation" and "acknowledge and reward contributions to patient care and the organization's goals." Physicians, in turn, should "champion processes to improve care system's service and quality."

Publication Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2011