• Leadership e-Bulletin: August 2013

    Aug 15, 2013

    This August e-Bulletin highlights 10 hot-button Leadership articles that struck a chord with our C-suite audience. These articles have seen the most traffic on our website during the past year.

    No. 1 Most Read

    Betting on Bundled Payment
    A Leadership infographic details the research to date on the effectiveness of bundled payment and shares three risk strategies for providers that engage in this new payment approach. 

    No. 2 Most Read

    A Three Legged ACO Gets Off to a Running Start
    A California health system, payer, and physician association started a basic model for their ACO with a dual quality and cost agenda?a per-member-per-month global budget coupled with an agreement that stipulates that no cost-control initiative can be launched if it would hurt quality.

    No. 3 Most Read

    DeKalb’s Comprehensive Medication Compliance Approach Cuts Readmissions
    Within 1 to 3 hours of a DeKalb patient’s scheduled discharge, a pharmacy technician or pharmacist physically delivers medications to the patient or caregiver. Two days after discharge, pharmacists call DeKalb patients to discuss the initial days of medication therapy. 

    No. 4 Most Read

    Predictive Analytics: Pinpointing How To Best Allocate Patient Resources
    Predictive analytic techniques are helping healthcare organizations pinpoint how they can get the most bang for their buck in terms of improving quality and reducing costs. 

    No. 5 Most Read

    Lessons Learned from Price Transparency Pioneers
    Meaningful price transparency efforts can gain the trust of consumers and help patients take greater charge of their healthcare purchasing decisions. For example, Spectrum Health and Alegent Creighton Health offer patients ways to determine out-of-pocket cost estimates for healthcare procedures. 

    No. 6 Most Read

    Improving Efficiency Scores While Maintaining Quality
    Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program steps on the accelerator, beginning Oct. 1, 2014, when it adds an efficiency score—a hospital’s spending per Medicare patient—to the formula that determines hospital pay. 

    No. 7 Most Read

    The Value Case for Advanced Illness Management
    As providers take on population-based risks, they are looking to reduce costs across the continuum of care. What has been a mission-based priority—ensuring the very ill and dying receive care that correlates with their wishes—has become a financial imperative as well.

    No. 8 Most Read

    A Faith-Based, Data-Driven Partnership to Improve Community Health
    Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare partners with the Congregational Health Network, a group of 500 churches and other faith-based organizations to address the socially complex issues that drive residents to seek out emergency departments for routine care.

    No. 9 Most Read

    Raising Cost Awareness Among Physicians
    After his third year of medical school, Neel Shah, MD, founded a not-for-profit organization called Costs of Care. Its mission: to empower patients and their caregivers to deflate medical bills. 

    No. 10 Most Read

    The Gamification of Wellness
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of California pumped up its employee wellness program by developing a social media fitness challenge that received 40 percent participation among its workers within the first year. 

    Editor’s Picks

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