• Nurse-Patient Communication Checklist

    May 23, 2013

    Nurses at Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center use the following questions and checklists to introduce patients to their care teams, to share medical information, and to reveal patients’ fears and concerns. Nurses begin the communication process within 15 minutes of patients’ arrivals in their hospital rooms. 

    Develop relationships with patients and assess their understanding of the reason for their hospital admission. 

    • Do you know why you are being admitted?
    • Do you have any fears or concerns?
    • What are you expectations of us while you are here?
    • Is there someone we can call for you now?
    • Would you like a minister to visit with you?

    Determine patients’ comfort levels and needs.

    • Are you currently having any pain?
    • How long has it been since you’ve eaten?
    • Are you on a special diet?
    • Do you have any ethnic, cultural, spiritual, or religious needs related to food or other care?
    • Do you need your medications crushed?
    • Do you need to take your medications with food?

    Discuss early care plans and provide education.

    • Tell patients when they can expect to receive their medications.
    • Deliver a patient information kit about the hospital and discuss key points.
    • Deliver frequently asked questions and fact sheets to family and visitors.

    Gather contact information.

    • May I get an emergency contact name and number?
    • Who is your primary care doctor?

    Offer ways for patients to ask questions during their hospital stays.

    • Share a telephone number patients can call to ask questions.
    • Tell patients how to voice complaints or concerns during their hospital stay.

    Source: Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center. Used with permission.