• Healthcare Redesign

    Marshfield Clinic Finds Success with Home Recovery Care Marshfield Clinic’s home-hospitalization program is replicating the results that other hospital-at-home initiatives have shown: high patient satisfaction, good clinical outcomes, and significantly lower costs of care.
    • Pediatric Mental Health Should Be Everyone's Concern Heather Huszti describes the approaches used at CHOC Children’s to ensure that children with mental health conditions get the care they need.
    • Getting to Know Patients in Their Homes Joe Shen describes EmblemHealth's collaboration with an independent physician association to conduct in-home visits for members, boosting patient engagement and member satisfaction.
    • Health Plans, Providers Collaborate on Payment Transformation in Hawaii More than 500 primary care providers have moved to per-member, per-month payments for patients covered by Hawaii’s largest health plan. The initiative may provide a roadmap for smaller physician practices to participate and flourish in the transition to value.
    • Innovating to Improve Health Equity Many Americans are unable to achieve their full health potential because of socioeconomic disparities, addiction, or even their address. To tackle these health inequities, health systems and health plans are testing innovative approaches that could bring financial benefits as well.
    • Confronting the Loneliness Epidemic CareMore Health’s Robin Caruso describes a new organizational initiative to address loneliness in at-risk patients.
    • Choosing the Right Path Forward for Value-Based Care Thomas Schenk, MD, of BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York describes the health plan’s approach to supporting primary care physicians with a capitated payment system that accounts for local-market characteristics.

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