• Technology

    48 Hours to Find a Healthcare Fix Mount Sinai hosts an annual healthcare hackathon to facilitate forward-thinking solutions by bringing together clinical science and finance expertise with technology specialists.
    • Bridging the Divide in Device Development

      An on-site incubator’s pilot training program helps medical device entrepreneurs and government regulators better understand each other.

    • Smartphone App Helps Users Identify Nearest EDs Krislyn M. Boggs and Carlos A. Camargo, Jr. describe how the Massachusetts General Hospital-based Emergency Medicine Network helps people find the nearest emergency department.
    • Virtual Visits Come of Age

      More organizations are launching virtual visits for outpatient care as a means of lowering the cost of delivering care, improving patient outcomes, and boosting physician satisfaction with their jobs.

    • The New Knowledge Matchmaker

      The latest AI applications in health care offer clinical options by pairing the most relevant evidence to individual patients based on their clinical and life context.

    • What’s Behind an Innovative Tool?

      A specialized department to help clinicians and researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital get their innovative ideas to market.

    • Optimizing the Preauthorization Process

      Senior healthcare provider and health plan leaders examine the difficulties associated with preauthorization and offer strategies for how stakeholders can collaborate to optimize the process.

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